Holidays in Uzbekistan. Acquainted with Chatkal valley

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Chatkal Valley is located in the north Bostanlyk district borders with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Valley cross many waterways and basins, including Charvak Lake, Black Falls, Pskem Ugam, Kulas and Cox Chatkal and Akbulak, Karacharsay and Chimgansay, Beldersay, Marble, and Karankulsay Bulaksu and Ishakkupriksay. Here are the mountains, particularly the peaks Big Chimgan (3309 meters above sea level), Paltau (2031 m), Small Chimgan (2091 m), Shilinzarchukki (2879 m), Aukashka (3096), and Giza plateau Pulatkhan, pervaly Kumbel Akshuran, Gulko. On the territory of the district Bostanlyk are two protected areas – Chatkal reserve and Ugam Chatkal National Park.

Chatkal Valley – one of the few places in Uzbekistan, where nature is preserved in its original form, and the human impact on the environment is minimal. This area has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Unique place is that the local ethnic groups – Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs and Kyrgyz preserved their former way of social organization and economy, mentality, traditions and way of life. According to historians, there is also the Great Silk Road, which linked for nearly two millennia, East and South Asia to the Middle East and Europe. In some places the remains of ancient settlements, petroglyphs, mines, religious sites, there are some holy places – (graves) of Sheikh Umar Wali Bogustani and Dowd (David), burial mounds between settlements and Nanay Bogustan, cemeteries Hazrat Mulla and Mazar-Yalovlik Sidzhak near the village where pilgrims come from all over the Muslim world. Learn more about Tours to Uzbekistan.

Bostanlik district for 50 years was considered a tourist center of Uzbekistan, as concentrated the more than 100 resorts and summer camps, recreation centers, tourist centers and hotels, and even now there are two chair lift and one chair-lift ways, there are a base for sports entertainment – deltaplanirizma , paragliding, sailing boats and catamarans. Development and Infrastructure: in good condition roads, bridges, power lines held, cellular function and a linear relationship, rescue stations and border posts, police and hunter service. The Uzbek government has adopted several decrees development Chimgan Charvak-recreational zone is investing in this sector. In Chatkal valley is also located more than 50 towns and villages most interest Chimgan Brichmulla and Khumsan that fully express the specific ethnic communities are concentrated around the monuments of history and culture, have tourist resources.

Ugam Chatkal Park
Fauna of the Uzbek part of the Western Tien Shan includes 280 species, of which mammals – 44 species, birds – 200, reptiles – 16, amphibians – 2 fish – 20. Rising 2.2 thousand species of flora, 2.15 thousand of them are angiosperms, the main types: tulips, Eremurus, shrubs and alpine meadows, forests of juniper. Ugam Chatkal Park was created in 1992 and covers an area of ​​576 square meters. km, and unlike Chatkal reserve is allowed tourism and limited economic activity. It grows a lot of shrubs, flowers and trees, including under the protection of the law. Of animals marked bears, wolves, foxes, mountain sheep. To interesting biological species should also include eagles, quail, fish, gecko, frog lake, desert gologlaz, zheltopuzika, water snake.

Park to visit is open on all sides, but the movement in some areas are allowed under strictly defined routes. The system of payment. Limited collection of medicinal plants and wild fruits, and fishing.