Andrew Muravyov unhappy publication posted on Wikipedia

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Andrew Muravyov unhappy publication posted on Wikipedia “All large modern state ill-gotten” – that these words frightened underground millionaire Koreiko in the “Golden Calf.” And in our time, this accusatory phrase, alas, true. Big money can be obtained not only and not so much hard work as arrogance, unscrupulous and immoral. And the principle of “money makes money” works and scams.

That is the way to wealth okolokriminalny chose native Kemerovo Andrew Ants, whose name was group dealing essentially fraud on a large scale. Ants began with small raiding, which culminated in the fraud, which hurt the interests of the major domestic and foreign banks. Узнайте больше о сибцем.

Income from criminal activity are estimated to several hundred million dollars. Because of the connections and bribery of officials state Muravyov well protected. It would seem, live and be happy. However, not only material well-being is the goal of the Muravyov. He wants fame.

Only this can explain the attacks on Wikipedia, which published an article about him. Article quite correct but incomplete – there is no mention of the fraudulent activities of Mr. Muravyov his American period, as well as acting as the head of the department of licensing of the Kemerovo region, thus operating license were dubious company.

Businessman unhappy fact of citation in the well-known case involving the care Muravyov as president of the company “Siberian cement”. He believes that the description of the incident, his detractors. At the same time, he does not consider it shameful Ants use any methods to combat opponents.