Settlement in Canada

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Canada is a country of immigrants, feel strongly enough, and gives the Canadian way of life charm. This, above all, an abundance of state, religious and cultural organizations that support immigrants. The country has a Ministry of Immigration. Legal resident status here gives “lended immigrant” (in other countries – a residence permit).

Is there in Canada, “our”? Of course, there is. Several tens of thousands of immigrants from Ukraine arrived here in the last century, and today, even in small towns, you can meet Ukrainian cultural centers, churches, banks, credit unions, stores, prints. Russian is much less concentrated they are mainly in the area of ​​North-York to Toronto. Prominently represented Jewish Russian-speaking diaspora (in Toronto -160 thousand).

Settlers from Kazakhstan are mainly located in the largest city of Quebec-Montreal. Of course, not the love of the French language led them here, but the fact that they were trying to get the status of a resident of Canada as a refugee. Achieve this in the English-speaking provinces much more difficult.

Canadian society is based on the principle of multi-ethnic mosaic, each of which is free to develop its own culture and traditions. Any manifestations of ethnic hatred rather harshly persecuted.

Canada and its orders are usually produced on coming good impression. A Moscow journalist, wrote: “In Canada, all that needs to be parallel – parallel, which should be perpendicular – perpendicular, round it rolled, square – are.” Many note the simplicity, friendliness and politeness of Canadians. Learn more about hastings resort gallery page.

If we talk about the passion Canadians to abide by the law, it is appropriate to cite the following anecdote: “English, French, American and Canadian students were asked to write an essay about an elephant. Briton titled his essay as follows: “The Elephant and the empire.” French – “Love and the Elephant”, American – “The best and the big elephant” and a Canadian – “Elephants: the responsibility of the federal government or the provincial governments?”

Canadian obschestvoKonechno, after living in the CIS, where people often manage to achieve something not through the law, but in spite of him, constantly maneuvering, izvorachivayas – life here may seem quite bleak and uninteresting. It has become an indisputable fact, and that our people if you want very quickly achieve this success, it is often due to the ability (habit?) Risk where Canadian and step will do.

Additionally calm demeanor Canadians struck the same style of dress. It is hard to see a woman with an ample makeup or in mini-skirt. The realities of Canadian life are in complete contradiction with the symbols of American liberty on screens, because the first settlers went to the U.S. mainland for the freedom of religion, not permissiveness. Although religion is not open propaganda, that it occupies in the life of Canadians fairly strong position, one can see immediately when you see the most abundance of churches of various denominations, and in questionnaires at admission or visa you will be asked to specify a member of a church you a.

Courses in the study of language to immigrants report having topics that do not talk in the society: this is politics, religion and business (in our opinion: Read other people’s money). The question arises: what is said? The answer is simple: the weather!

Foreign easy in behavior or dress can not tell who is next to you in the crowd: the millionaire or the average employee. Much more about the welfare of people say the machines on which they travel. Though to see here, “Mercedes 600″ or “BMW” 7-th model – an extreme rarity, yet the average fleet is very high, given that the car is, as a rule, all adult members of the family. Pleasing to the eye and at home – no skyscrapers in the city center, and houses-houses that fill almost all the space of the city – this is private property, although bought (as much) for a loan. Yet another object of life is noteworthy: this boat. With summer coming to a trailer they rush for a jeep on highways to the side and the Great Lakes, and small. No one is surprised, and aircraft in private ownership.