Monitoring of transport as a business tool

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Owner fleet of any size – whether five cars or a few thousand cars – faced with the need to effectively use and control the movement and status of their vehicles. The larger fleet, the more difficult to cope with these tasks. Can help the GPS and GLONASS monitoring. Special software solutions for satellite monitoring of transport make them a unique business tool to help reduce costs and increase profits.

How does the system of satellite monitoring of vehicles?

In the car installed a special device (GPS or GLONASS tracker), which receives signals from the satellites, with their help determine your location and transmits the data to the server about it – through wireless or satellite. The server, in turn, processes the information from the tracker and shows the user in an understandable way for that mode.

In addition to GPS and GLONASS tracker, the vehicle can be equipped with various sensors that will detect and transmit the user about any interesting information about the state of the vehicle and the driver. For example, sensors can monitor fuel consumption, to obtain accurate data on the length and frequency of travel stops, opening / closing doors and intensity of passenger traffic. Learn more about gps fleet tracking software.

Why do I need GPS / GLONASS monitoring of transport?

Satellite monitoring system can deal with the most common problems encountered when operating fleet – for example, such as:

1. inappropriate use of vehicles;

2. Too much time spent on route planning;

3. unauthorized discharge of fuel;

4. Inappropriate use of motor vehicles;

5. unauthorized change of route and schedule stops by drivers;

6. lack of information on the technical condition of the machine, sent in a long route with very distant from the office of destination.

During the financial crisis, reduced costs, efficient budget planning and the best use of material resources are the key to successful business management for any business. Satellite monitoring of transport and a well chosen software enable a low-cost to achieve these goals.