You need a dedicated server?

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You need a dedicated server? How to choose a server? This article covers the basic criteria that will help you make the right choice.

You may be surprised, but there are dedicated servers, regardless of whether you want them or not.

Or, perhaps, you know, that a dedicated server is required, but you will have trouble when it comes to his choice.

In any case, in this article you will find some tips to help you make this choice.
Whether it is necessary to you?

If the leased space on the server, usually has 2 options: rent shared with other users of the space, or rent a dedicated server.

Using shared hosting [shared] (often called virtual hosting), your website shares the server space and network connections to other Web sites. If you rent a dedicated server, you get all the space and connections. Learn more about dedicated server.

Rent shared resources on servers cheaper than dedicated, because they do not require significant management skills. You do not need a lot of technical skills. For this reason, shared servers are usually chosen initially for web sites with low traffic or small business.

But shared (shared) server is not very suitable for large or Web sites with high traffic.

Rental of physical server is more expensive and its maintenance more difficult. But if your business is dependent on the stability of the service, then you should seriously consider renting a dedicated server.

The following describes the reasons:

Server response time with architecture shared resources varies depending on what happens to the other sites. For example, the load time of your website will change if suddenly another site will receive more requests.

The delays you can not control when using a shared server.

On a dedicated server you are responsible for the management, evaluation of the level of traffic, and other events that affect the response time of the server.

Shared servers provide access to the operating system and available software, provided by the server.

If you want to install and run a specialized or custom business application or database, then most likely you will need a dedicated server.

With the growth of your site, with the increase in traffic and the requirements for applications running you will need to upgrade the server.

If you use a shared server, the possibility of such updates are limited. Shared hosting tends to increase the storage space, but no more. You can not upgrade the hard drive yourself, memory, operating system, or software.

If you use a dedicated server, it is possible to solve these problems on their own.

Shared hosting is not as secure as a dedicated server. If the damage protection on another site server, and your site could be damaged.

A dedicated server can be protected by a firewall (firewall), with which you control all password protected. If you store on the server is very important information, the increased security should be the highest priority.

Shared hosting gives you the chance to test yourself when you are just starting out. But as your business grows and your site added more advanced features, such as e-commerce, dedicated server is becoming more necessary.