Education of children of foreign-language Russian language

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“My second language” (adaptation of students inofonov to Russian society)
In recent years the problems of multi-ethnic schools attract more attention from researchers. As the result of migration Russian schools supplemented by students from bilingual families, often with insufficient knowledge of the Russian language or do not speak it at all.

This program is aimed at developing the skills necessary for the organization of inter-ethnic cooperation and understanding in the modern multi-ethnic environment, particularly in the Russian language lessons.

The use of new educational technologies, gaming techniques, along with training, involvement of families of students will build a tolerant attitude towards people from other cultures. Learn more about conversational Russian.


-Contribute to the adaptation of children with inofonov to Russian society

- The formation of the practical application of skills acquired language competence

-Organization of constant verbal practices to deeply into the linguistic consciousness of Russian native speakers


-Identification of the recipient’s program

-Regular with a group of participants

-Stakeholder involvement

Interaction with parents-inofonov