What is news?

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What is news? This question is perhaps the answer even primary school students. News – are reports on events taking place around us, in different countries and on different topics. It includes not only the news events of world importance, but all that concerns us and our loved ones, events in the area and in the region.

News needs everyone, because without knowledge of recent events, we can not actively develop, improve, change attitudes and outlook. So you should understand the most important criteria that characterize the news. Altogether there are five, among which should be highlighted:

- Relevance (news always have the latest information about the situations that have occurred recently, often for a couple of minutes after the event); Learn more about current news.

- Unusual (people love unusual, special news, often mystical);

- The value (to hear the news);

- Famous people go facility, which sounds new;

- The distance to the scene (the most important for us will be news of the district, city, regional and national significance.)

Thus, it is clear that whatever the news – political, sports, music, family or others – they are essential for everyone.