Choosing a comfortable hotel in Paris

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Hotels in Paris

We assume that you are going to Paris for the first time and it is still not familiar with the most convenient place to live, which hotel to choose and how much do is stay in Paris hotels. Let’s try together to understand these important issues for the independent traveler.

Total in Paris more than a thousand hotels: from cheap hostels to luxurious five-star luxury hotels. Which one to choose depends on your personal preference and budget. For a short guided tour of the most suitable hotels in the center of Paris, close to the main attractions.

The portal of free online reservations has a separate page dedicated to hotels in Paris:
Hotels in Paris: the map of hotels, rating and reviews

You can recommend a four or five areas in which worth trying to find the hotel. First of all you it is the heart of Paris – the Louvre, the Isle de la Cite, Rue de Rivoli and the River Seine. Hotels in the area are very comfortable for hiking, sightseeing and easy access to all parts of the capital:

Paris hotels – CENTRE

Another beloved tourist area – the Opera. Close by is the Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde and other famous sights. Besides Opera district just has to shopping! It is here sostredotocheny all the most famous Parisian boutiques and shops, and if you are in Paris, not only with a cultural program – choose a hotel in the area, can not go wrong! Learn more about Kharkov apartments for rent.

Hotels in Paris – Opera

The next item will hotels located in close proximity to the symbol of Paris – the Eiffel Tower. I think it is here to stay somewhat impractical with the tourism point of view, but for some guests of the French capital that is what the neighborhood is critical in choosing a hotel. Well, the master-master, as they say:

Hotels near the Eiffel Tower

For fans of the creative environment and dive into the world of Parisian bohemia most right choice hotel in Montparnasse. It was here in Paris is going to color the French cafe creative intelligentsia: artists, poets and critics. The area is quite calm and quiet. Here is the famous Luxembourg Gardens, to have a leisurely walk. From a tourist point of view of Montparnasse virtually no way inferior to other areas: there are many museums, excellent food and here is the Montparnasse Tower, which you can see a very unusual panorama of Paris.

Hotels in Montparnasse

And the last point can be identified Montmartre area – without doubt the most popular areas of Paris! Everything is there! From the quiet streets and cozy cafes and ending family noisy Parisian cabarets, nightclubs and even sex shopami. Here you will see the historic and Paris and Paris vicious :)

Hotels in Montmartre

Oh, and for those who doubt that does guarantee the lowest price, and for those who want an even bigger list of hotels in Paris:

Price comparison for hotels in Paris according to 32 major operators booking

And if you’re going to Paris or family friendly company, you will be useful to read the rental apartments in Paris, in many cases it is cheaper and more convenient than staying in a hotel.