Whether to do business in Russia?

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Among the CIS countries is more complicated than in Russia, to conduct business only in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, showed an annual ranking of the World Bank’s Doing Business. If Georgia for starting a business requires two days in Russia – a month. Stop if you have difficulty in starting a business in Russia?

According to the annual rating of the World Bank’s Doing Business in terms of doing business out of 183 countries, Russia is on 120 place – next to Bangladesh, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Among the CIS countries is worse than in Russia, to conduct business only in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Officially for starting a business requires rossiyaninu month. Almost the same number required Austrians, Spaniards and Thais. New Zealanders need one day, Georgia – two in Hong Kong – three. By comparison, Georgia is rated 16th. Drafters took into account the difficulty of the country to start a business, register property, to obtain a building permit to trade with foreign partners, to obtain credit, to contract, to conduct electricity, and also estimated the tax system and the degree of investor protection. The level of security, corruption, the state of the financial system, the quality of infrastructure and the macroeconomic indicators are not included. Learn more about Legal advice in Russia.

Should I now start / run a business in Russia?

Sergey_Arkhipov.jpgSergey Arkhipov: “To have a business deal in Russia for a long, difficult and costly. Startup “Eat In Gorode.ru” we registered over a month and paid for it with about $ 1000. For comparison, the registration of the company in the U.S. I would cost $ 500 for one day. Opening a bank account in Moscow took us a week – in Korea it can be done in one minute using QR code technology. For large Internet companies such as Groupon, to go through all these procedures, perhaps, easier and less noticeable for the budget, but the key factor is the time for business as valuable as it is for startups. One month to register – it’s too much.

Basically, I do not mind the lengthy procedures if they bring a benefit to society. In my case, I sense this length can not see. Well, for example, in obtaining statistical codes in the classifier did not find exactly the type of activities undertaken by our website (e-commerce). As a result we have assigned codes and software development, and the codes for the wholesale and retail trade. The question is – why? Why should I, as a businessman, spent time getting invalid codes, why state such “curves” of the data? After all, the principle of efficiency «garbage in garbage out» known for a very long time.

For Russia, up from 120 seats to at least 50 will mean more prosperity. At the time that we spend on useless treatments, we did not create. Our economy supports work that costs taxpayers money. Because for senseless procedure we pay official salaries. Moreover, at the senseless procedure we spend our working time, which could be used to create products and services.

Is it possible to climb the 120-th place on the 50th? – I think it’s real. You just have to want to build the work of the state apparatus, so that it is most effective in helping the community to grow and prosper. Many countries have passed this way – hence, under our power! ”

Polev_Yaroslav.jpgYaroslav setting: “Should I begin to tackle their own business in Russia? Good question. I think that if a person really wants to start their own business and make it successful – it would make this their best efforts. Never mind it will be New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong and Russia. I agree with that to open a business in Russia is not so easy. Doing this on the market of regenerative medicine, I have had to face many challenges – is corruption, and a high barrier to entry, and our promising, and do nothing government that sets its own rules. I have not seen before in practice with the opening of business in Russia, so I can not judge how things were a few years ago, probably the same thing, and nothing has changed. And I think that while doing business in Russia continues to be difficult, unless you are a relative of Putin, but that does not mean that we should retreat. ”

Shevtschenko.jpgGennady Shevchenko: “The decision to start your own business, as a rule, not an impulsive, rather – entertained. Therefore, there is not, in my view, a serious obstacle waiting at least three days, though a month. To do in this period will be nothing. If you are not willing even to wait, how do you cope with other problems? Now, most people do not want to take business risks, therein lies much of the internal reason why start a business. And it is easier to explain the presence of external barriers. Real obstacles, of course, also have, and some of them created by officials who either directly or through family members involved in the business, often based on the administrative resource. Why would they want the competition? ”

Medvedev.jpgNikolay Medvedev: “Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the methodology of the rating, so the place in it to me nothing says. When it comes to the rate of opening of the business, I do not think it is an important indicator. Moreover, the true criterion of the business – behind the scenes. It would be a desire to build a business – I think this is important. “