Property in Turkey. How to buy property in Turkey.

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Turkey is considered a paradise on earth. Holiday on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is very attractive for tourists from all over the world because of its resorts have soft sea, bright sun, a rich historical heritage to tourists from different countries. The rich history of this country, great architecture, traditions and, of course, delicious oriental sweets in 2006 were much closer to us.
In 2006 a law was passed that allows residents of the CIS from owning residential real estate in Turkey. Now all Russian citizens on a par with Europeans can purchase apartments and villas in Turkey. What is so attractive opportunity to buy property in Turkey? How can we use it? The answers to these and other questions can be found in this article.
I first became acquainted with Turkey in 2009. My friends have bought an apartment in a modern area, on the Mediterranean Sea, and invited me to visit. Turkish town struck me with its accuracy, livability and infrastructure. Huge new apartment in a five-story house with a swimming pool, with three terraces and two bathrooms, was half the price of my modest two-bedroom Khrushchev, not in the best part of a small Siberian town.
At first I thought it a miracle. How so? But then my friends took me to real estate agencies located near, and I realized that the apartment in Turkey – this is a good investment.
Major area in which the property is attractive for investment, are all the resort region, located on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, and Istanbul. Bought housing in good areas of these places easily rent and profit. Learn more about general business directory.
What benefits can we learn when buying property in Turkey? The main reason people buy housing in the country – is a desire to invest for the purpose of resale, the price for the apartment will rise. The construction sector of the Turkish Republic is booming, and with the adoption of this law, property prices in Turkey are steadily growing, making it a very attractive investment. The next opportunity to use the housing for the benefit of yourself – renting an apartment to rent and profit. And third – buying apartments for permanent residence.
If you decide you want to live by the sea, and Turkey – is a place where you would have been nice to spend his later years, the purchase of residential property will solve the issue. Because acquiring housing in this country, you will automatically receive a residence permit, and after 5 years of residence may be granted citizenship. Also residence are lawful spouse and minor children. (For instructions on how to earn money to buy real estate in the section “How to Make Money”

Steps for buying property in Turkey.
First. Select the object.
Signed a preliminary agreement with the seller, it is done in a notary’s office. In the contract the owner and the buyer, the transaction amount and payment schedule, the deadlines and terms of the transaction processing Tapu. Each property in Turkey has a history in the state register of view.

Second. Get permission from the military command in Izmir and in the Main Land Registry Office for the purchase of real estate.

Third. The next step – getting permission from the military command in Izmir and the Main Land Registry Office in Ankara. Examination of documents takes from 2 to 6 months. This permit certifies that the property is not used these departments, and you can buy it.

Fourth. After receiving permission from Izmir and Ankara you with all the documents ready to go to the Land Registry Office. To inventory management is the final payment is made to the seller and the act of registration of sale of real estate in the cadastral books. You will receive a statement of the act, which is called Tapu. Once the document is handed to you on your hands, you become the full owner of housing.

Fifth. You will be required to pay the monthly rent. Analogue of our rent (very roughly) in Turkey is Aydat.
This includes the following services: health, care of the pool, cleaning, technical support, engineering services and other (must be a contract with you). Aydat in various different owners. From 25 euros. Depends on the size of the apartment and the surrounding area, as well as from the company builder, if she also provides services to home.
If you bought the apartment from the developer, the date of the first payment is the date of settlement. If you bought a second home, then the entry into ownership. Aydat paid regardless of whether the owner lives here permanently or not. If the apartment is rented, aydat removed from the tenant. Necessary to specify the amount of the service in advance, so that after buying an apartment is truly amazing the amount of monthly payments, many times more than all the norms.

Sample prices for property in June 2010. Flats in Alanya region cost from 25tys. euros per apartment 1 +1 (1 +1 is one bedroom plus living room kitchen, about 85 square meters), 35 thousand euro 2 +1 (approximately 100 square meters), 75tys euro villa. The size of the cost depends on the location on the availability of the pool, its own territory, courts, etc.
Apartments in houses inhabited exclusively by Turks are cheaper aydat cheaper there. Causes of such discrimination, I do not know. This you can check on the spot, in the local real estate agencies. In Turkey, the balconies and terraces are total yardage apartment. Balconies and terraces there are very large and in every room. Turks use it as a summer room, where they spend their evenings and many of the balconies built fireplace and barbecue set.
Sample prices for rental apartments. 500 -700 euros per month for the swimming season. If you’re shooting at once a year, can be found for 300-400 euros per month.