Proxy servers: go to the internet anonymously

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Long ago, the Internet was just a training ground for university research scientists and habitat geeks who found that the world is anything but great and powerful FidoNet. In those days few tribes of Internet users know each other if not in person, then by typing style for sure. Hide from each other, pretending someone else, it was not that is not necessary, just unethical. Network was used for the purpose for which was conceived and – the exchange of ideas and mutual assistance in solving complex problems.

Now it is time seems distant and naive. Big business has long grasped the potential of the Internet and deeply rooted in the blast zone. Com. Of course, in the conquest of online spaces were their gold fever and financial crises derailed hundreds of dot-com-bubble. Having clarified the mistakes of youth, the business model of the web has survived and strengthened. Now to be a solid company and not have your own website or portal – is nonsense.

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Internet matured. Instead of jeans and turtlenecks, he got a business suit and solid bank accounts. But where the money is, there is a bunch of Ostap relatively fair or very dishonest way of weaning. Internet as a social phenomenon, repeated in its development all aspects of human civilization. And one of the aspects of this repetition is anonymity.

Internet as a medium of exchange of information, designed on the principles of maximum disclosure. Each node on the network, identified by a unique IP-address, without which other nodes will not be able to detect it and send data packets. In each package, as well as on an ordinary letter, indicated that most IP-address of the recipient and the sender too. Addressing clear in all online sessions did not fit in with the desire not to give out their anonymous identity and location of the computer. But anonymous – very quirky tribe. And they found many ways to hide themselves in these settings. Have been found successful ways of hiding IP-address of your computer when accessing Internet resources. Many of them are only available to professional hackers, but most can benefit ordinary setyane, who wished to remain anonymous. One of the most common ways of organizing online anonymity – the use of proxy servers.
Proxy – means mediator

“Uncle, you asked me to give.” Grimy hands waif note and instantly disappears into the crowd. Note is not signed. Who was the author? Homeless? Of course not. He – the intermediary that hid the author of the message. Using a proxy server implements a similar approach. At first, the proxy nothing to anonymity network had. The arrival of a proxy server has been associated with the emergence of the need to separate corporate information network into security zones (trusted zone). Packets of data, running on the network, which is divided into security zones, only to fall clearly authorized recipients. Usually to create trusted zones have a firewall (firewall). But proxy excellent job with this task.

In general, a proxy server is a process running on a computer, with access to more than one trusted zone. Usually, a proxy server is running on behalf of a user process in the overlap of trusted zones, receiving data from the area, which in other circumstances is forbidden to make contact, or to request anything from the individual processes and people from other areas.