How to write a research paper

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One of the main requirements of WAC to the applicant in the defense of the dissertation is the obligatory presence of published scientific papers on the subject of the research, which is reflected in the short form of the author’s research. Currently PhD theses should have at least three articles.

In accordance with the requirements of WAC “basic scientific results of the dissertation must be published in scientific journals. The results of the master’s thesis must be published in at least one leading peer-reviewed journal or publication. ” List of scholarly journals and publications is given on the website.

WAC also requires that in scientific papers adequately reflect the content of the thesis. In an article that is almost impossible to do because of its small size – 8-10 pages of typewritten text. Therefore, usually to each chapter of the thesis is written in the article. At the same time, it makes no sense to divide the thesis apart and fully published. Articles should clearly provide personal excellence, and the material in the articles may be presented in a more ambitious way than in the thesis for the scientific article is intended to alert the scientific community to your personal contribution to science and your personal achievements.

Article title should reflect the content and be in tune with the theme of the research.
Article text annotation translates in 4-6 lines in Russian and English languages, as well as a list of keywords.

Research paper typically consists of several parts.
In the introductory part of the scientific article describes the relevance of the test questions, the problem is a new research and offers a solution. In the introduction, we recommend two to four below outline the problem area of ​​research, the specific proposals of the applicant and their effectiveness in implementation. Learn more about research paper topics.

In the main part of the paper describes the research methods used, analyzes and summarizes the results of scientific research. This part usually takes 80-90% of the article. In the main part of the scientific article critically discusses previously completed research with the obligatory reference to the literature is detailed course of scientific research, describes the interim results. In the main part of the paper also describes the scientific novelty of the proposals of the applicant and the possible results of their testing.

Ends memoir findings and recommendations, which should be delivered in response to the introductory part of the problem. In the conclusion of a scientific article describes why and for whom performed research work. Preferably in custody illuminate social or economic benefits that can be obtained using this proposed competitor in practice. The usual amount of scientific articles 10.7 typewritten pages, page size – A4, portrait, margins of 2.5 cm on all sides, Times New Roman, color – black, size -14, 1.5 spacing, bracketed references .

The scientific article concludes with a list of used literature.

Requirements for the research paper:

At first the surname, name of the author and name of the institution or scientific organization in which the work was performed, as well as its status.

Further specifies the name of a scientific article.

After the name of the Russian and English languages ​​in 4-5 lines is abstract of the article. After annotations specified in Russian and English keywords.

Next, the text of the article.

Then follows a list of references, which is made in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003. The link should be numbered in square brackets indicates the number of the source in the bibliography.
To review article includes the signature of the referee, having a degree.

It should be noted that the WAC to the published work, reflecting the main results of the dissertation, equated discovery certificate and inventors’ certificates issued by the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for inventions and discoveries, patents, certificates for utility model patents for industrial designs , and programs for computers; database integrated circuits, duly registered, deposited in the organizations of the state system of scientific and technical information of the manuscript papers, annotated in scientific journals, papers published in Proceedings of All-Union, national and international conferences and symposia; publication of electronic journals, registered in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Scientific and Technical Center” Informregistr. “