Transportation of furniture

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Expensive furniture may lose his presentation during transport, if it is not properly protected. Eliminate damage to the surface of furniture produced by skilled porters helps literate its packaging. The work for transportation of furniture should spb specialists with experience of working with such goods.

An important aspect in the transportation of furniture is a special technique that is designed to deliver it. For these special vehicles use more whole, equipped with various mounting arrangements.

During transport, as well as for loading and unloading furniture should be protected. It can damage the careless handling (which will lead to chipping, dents, etc.), and weather (rain or snow). Usually experts dismantled cabinet furniture for the process of transportation became more convenient, and in order to protect it from any negative factors. Fasteners are collected in individual packages, and secured by tape. The main structural elements are packed with various materials.

Professional furniture transport spb assumes its competent package. From various mechanical damage furniture defend with styrofoam sheet corrugated, foam and bubble film. Similarly protect mirrors and glass design elements. Learn more about London man with Van.

Before you start loading, and making any shipment of furniture specialists assess how much space you take a thing, and how to deliver it without damage. Pasteboard, foam and other packing materials help deliver furniture intact. In addition, remove all exposed structural elements – pens, etc., as well as glass and mirrors. They are secured in a manner that there is no friction and shock during transport.

In almost any office, apartment or cottage may require moving furniture transport St. Petersburg, which is performed by professional removals agency. Large furniture – wall elements, cabinets or sofas can not get in the door, or even in the elevator. To carry this furniture, will have to make its parts, which will require the help of professionals. Disassembling may damage the furniture. The concept of qualified transportation of furniture includes four stages:
1. Disassembly of furniture for condominium or office moves. To do the job quickly and efficiently, the expert must have knowledge and experience, as well as all the necessary tools. To disassemble the required sets of hexagons and screwdrivers, wrenches, sizes 6 to 14.
2. Pack furniture. The first package to be cabinet doors and front panels of the walls, which have glass or mirror. Can be used for packaging of various materials – foam, cardboard, corrugated box, polypropylene and stretch film. If you need to be lifting the cabinet on the belts, the package can serve as insulation.
3. Shipment of furniture for its transportation. Delicate furniture transport spb can guarantee complete its safety. Experts plan the sequence of loading, fixed furniture with special ties to help prevent its displacement.
4. Furniture assembly at the place of delivery. This is the final stage of transport. Assemble furniture brought much more difficult than to take it apart. To avoid any defects, this work should trust the professionals.