Pans for induction stoves

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Induction cookers rapidly gaining popularity. And no wonder, because it is really worthy of technology! Saves a lot of energy and time required to heat the pan half, easy to clean and completely safe, as it only heated dishes, while the back plate is completely cold.

But there is a little lack of induction cooker – dishes should be special. It should have a good electrical currents, but in this case it will be something to cook. What kind of dishes, its strengths and weaknesses – all in full light up in this article. Happy reading!

Despite the frenzied excitement about induction cookers in our time, especially at first they did not even interested. Primarily because of the high prices. Only restaurateurs imbued this innovation, made itself felt all the benefits that brings, is this range, then their example start warm up, more and more people.

Together with the appearance of these plates, and dishes began to appear. “Dishes for induction cooker”, so named this innovation. What is it different from its predecessors? No, no, nothing. Simply it has special ferromagnetic inclusions, due to which it is heated quickly. Otherwise, it is, in principle, ordinary that neither is the dishes. Learn more about induction cooktop.

The outer shell – a layer of stainless steel, which is easy to wash;
Inside – aluminum layer as an excellent conductor of heat. Aluminum distributes heat evenly maximum and overcooking foods;
For non-stick properties of aluminum non-stick coating is added directly, through which you can cook without any oil. To it does not stick or potatoes, or meat, or any other product;
Well ferromagnetic inclusions, which greatly reduces the heating time.

Why the speed? Because in the induction cooker can fry in cast iron, and enameled pans, but they will heat up more slowly. Thus, the list of utensils for induction cooker implicitly includes some customary seemingly dishes.

Tip: check suitable for induction cooking utensils easy. Enough to attach to the bottom of its magnet. If sticks – dishes like for this board.

But it’s better to buy it pans for induction stoves. They heat up much faster, even faster than the usual pan on a gas stove. In addition, they can be prepared and on the gas, and electric stoves.

1. The diameter of the bottom of the pan induction must be at least 12 cm, otherwise it simply will not heat up;

Induction bottom pans

2. The thickness of the bottom of the pan should be at least 2 mm;

3. Price category – from two thousand. If the pan is less than this amount, not worth the risk;

4. Usually on the dishes with ferromagnetic properties apply special marking.

Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of pans for induction stoves, keep in mind that they are made of cast iron or stainless steel, so we can safely transfer features dishes made from these materials to their more modern counterparts.