Fraud in writing of student work

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I’m sure many of you, dear readers of my articles, worked or work part-time because they write to order a variety of student work, such as: essays, quizzes, kursovik, diplomas etc. And no matter you do it online or offline.

In this article I want to describe a way of cheating on writing student work, which killed one of my friends, and may save you from a similar deception.

Then I will tell the first person, as I told the story to my friend.

In general, it was so …

I have several years moonlighting as a famous exchange in RuNet freelancing. I write control, course, degree work, papers, essays, and more. Range of topics and subjects is quite large – I have two degrees, honors degrees. I moonlighted by insufficient (ie incomplete) congestion on the main job.

And as a little free time during working hours is, and the money is never too much, but still have a computer with Internet access, and a separate room away from the authorities present, here and away … But in principle it’s not about that, though I say that you can earn in the season very well and quite a lot even for my basic salary. Learn more at

So, to the subject of fraud. In general, as always, I utrechka view projects suitable subjects, and suddenly came across a project that interested me. Required by the student work (in my opinion, it was necessary to write a series of tests in the economy). Rating the author of the project (her name was Svetlana) was not bad, about several positive reviews.

I, as expected, left their contact details with me. Within two to three hours to my e-mail received a letter in which a female (she named Svetlana), asked me to write a few papers, small, but there were quite a lot. Discussed the amount, I started to work. Work was done to me on time and accurately. In the process of constantly email details were discussed, amendments were made, and more. When all was done, I sent the data of the email address and all, in response to the silence – no money, no thanks.

And when I went to the address on a freelance project, surprised me with eyes told me that they did not send any letters, and I have to write papers did not order. Basically, the show is, of course, I have not failed, I only agreed to put a positive review. And to this day I do not know whether I threw the sponsors to freelance, or thrown “left” people (see my message with contact information, in principle, it was not difficult), but because as podgadat with themes on this project – all in fact come in tyutelka tyutelku.

Well, in general, and ended the story with these works – I “earned” only one positive review, and worked with a few days.

Yes, that’s a disgusting thing happened with my friend.

Now we will try to summarize the above information and give some advice on this particular way of fraud.

Shall we begin?

First – taking part in various freelance projects, try not to give information to contact you share, do offer visible only to the author of the project.

Second. Communicating by e-mail or instant messengers like ICQ with your employer, check the rating in the system and let it somehow confirms that he – this is really it. Example – let him write in the comments to the project to agreed with you a text or phrase.

And finally, the third. Do not send the finished work all at once, send any portion thereof, the employer’s interest in the first place, wait for payment, and then send the complete works. Otherwise, the whole thing could end up in the same way as with my friends.