Thailand with IJM

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I got invited to go to Thailand with model Niki Taylor as a guest of International Justice Mission. We went over and I shot video and photography of Niki’s first time encounter with human rights abuses in the area of child sex slavery.

It was very bittersweet. The country was beautiful and the people amazing, but what I found out about the horrific and massive child slavery operations made me sick. I learned that the enormous child sex industry in Southeast Asia is mainly fueld and funded by American & British sex-tourists, a form of “tourism” I had never heard of before.

It a very eye opening look not only at a horrible crime, but at an organization that I have come to GREATLY admire, International Justice Mission. I saw first hand the honesty & integrity they operate with and the true love they have for victims of all forms of slavery. Learn more about payless dyeable wedding shoes!

It has also given me a passion for future opportunities to go and document other worthwhile causes.