Squatter Relocation Settlement

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After years of living in relative isolation as an expatriate in The Philippines, I made contact with an advocacy organization and started spending a few hours a month documenting the lives of people in a nearby relocation settlement called “Southville”

A Korean funded project for a much needed expansion of rail service to Manila will ultimately require resettlement of tens of thousands of squatters from the right of way.

In some cases relocation will improve peoples’ lives. However, due the expense of land in the Manila, many squatters from the inner-city have been relocated some 40 km from where many have lived and worked for decades. Learn more on www.oltatravel.com just now!

There are essentially no economic opportunities available in Southville, schools are unfinished, there is no healthcare, well water isn’t safe, and most cannot get electricity. Residents exist in state of limbo, commuting at great expense back to Manila for work, healthcare and even to bury their dead. Despair, crime and disease are all on the rise.