International shipping rates!

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The company cooperates with Lite MF courier services around the world. The technology of “hands” and perfected over the years has established itself. International shipping and quality work Lite MF accelerate the prosperity of your business. The company works only with verified members of foreign services, and take responsibility for their actions.

It is important that the international organization of cargo delivery is made as soon as possible. Usually, sending letters and parcels abroad, especially in the territory of the other continents, is a long time, sometimes valuable goods lost in transit.

The timing and quality of delivery is not reduced in the winter, and besides, Lite MF – one of the few companies which can keep track of exactly how international delivery is at the moment. The process is performed by viewing the online route to send as a guarantee of integrity and safety of your cargo and mail throughout the journey. The company pioneered the market Lite MF IP telephony elements CSRM, it is said that the company monitors the advanced technologies in the world to quickly change and improve services delivery. Learn more – international shipping rates!

Lite MF help you smuggle goods weighing from 10 grams to 20 tonnes in any part of the country and abroad, and the guarantee of investment provides long term functioning of the company in the market, while a trademark is famous not only in Russia but also abroad. To speed up the process of distribution, the company employs logistics department. On the timing of delivery of cargo and mail in the particular country you can find out by calling the office Lite MF.