U.S. biotechnology companies interested in partnership with Russian venture funds

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March 13, 2012 in Boston, was organized by the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce of New England (USRCCNE) conference “Russian Investments and Massachusetts Institute of Technology – a winning combination» (Russian Investment and Massachusetts Technology-Winning Combination). During the event, representatives of Russian investment companies – venture capital fund “Maxwell Biotech” and JSC “RUSNANO” – and companies in Massachusetts, received the Russian investments, shared his experience of international cooperation.

Recently, for innovative biotech companies in Massachusetts have a new source of funding for Russian investment companies and funds. In the development of such cooperation benefit all market participants, and may therefore organized the conference has become one of the most visited events USRCCNE recently and attracted about 120 participants. Learn more about healthy lifestyle!

Among them were representatives of local pharmaceutical and biotech companies, service industry (legal consulting, contract research organization (CRO), PR-agencies, etc.), businesses, attracting investment, technological universities, scientists, representatives of venture funds, as well as individuals who are interested in the development of Russian-American cooperation.

Learn more about how the funding of U.S. technology companies, told Alex Eliseev, managing director of venture capital fund “Maxwell Biotech”, established with capital of OJSC “RVC” and Dmitry Akhanov, CEO of Rusnano USA, representation “RUSNANO” in the U.S.. According to Russian investors, investing in technology or product, whose development will be partially or fully pass on the territory of Russia and which will then be displayed on the Russian market, a favorable effect on the dynamics of the innovation sector and enables the use of cutting-edge expertise and management resources to achieve maximum efficiency.

Representatives of the American innovative companies Bionevia Pharmaceuticals and Dental Photonics (technologies that are developed with the participation of venture capital fund “Makvsell Biotech”), as well as portfolio companies of the UAR “RUSNANO» BIND Biosciences and Joule in their speeches also pointed out that such international cooperation allows them to not only involve the design and development of technologies and additional financial resources, but also to use for testing and evaluating attractive in terms of price and quality of Russian research site, as well as access to the growing Russian market.

Alexey Eliseev, managing director of venture capital fund “Maxwell Biotech” in Boston: “The event, held in Boston last week showed that we are developing in the right direction. Our international trade in the area of ​​technological innovation have become classic examples of win-win cooperation and thus attract the attention of an increasing number of foreign biotech companies interested in partnership with our foundation. Through this conference we have established a number of interesting contacts, mainly with companies that may be considered for future investment, and has already identified a number of meetings for the maintenance and development of dating. ”

Kosyachkov Roman, Head of Public Relations JSC “RVC”: “In previous years, the basic model of domestic start-ups was to develop technology solutions for the local Russian market, and the lack of necessary infrastructure and experience in international business output products for the global market not even considered, despite its apparent competitiveness. But the situation is gradually changing for the better. Moreover, there are already examples of the reverse process, including – as demonstrated at the conference, when foreign start-ups, development of which in one degree or another is planned in Russia, Russian investors are investing. ”

During the meeting, participants also received answers to basic questions they related to the biotechnology sector: how easy it is to get money from Russian investors, what is the general pattern of development and registration of drugs in Russia, are there any problems with the protection of intellectual property and many others.