Why PayPal better than Western Union?

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Transfers within the PayPal system safer than Western Union. You pay a specific vendor for a specific product. Information about your transaction is stored in the system, and you, if necessary, you can complain to support PayPal’a. Of course, if you send money to an impostor – you do not help. But if the seller is more or less honest, and do not want to be a PayPal account frozen, it is more likely to compromise.

Commission PayPal – 3 to 5% of the amount, but it is usually paid by the seller. However, the Chinese often require that the costs paid by the buyer.

Payment can be done in 10 seconds. Enter the amount, enter the address of the recipient to send. All. Of course, a card and connect it to the PayPal requires a lot of time. More about coconut oil weight loss!

Translation comes just a few minutes.

European stores do not like PayPal. But they are willing to take a plastic card on which it is connected. In the United States is difficult to find a store that refuses to accept PayPal. And at the auction Ebay – this is the official means of payment.

PayPal offers a variety of ways to return money to the account – I emphasize, that the return of money paid. Would wish the seller.

PayPal protects your account. Even if someone steals your username and password, he can not quickly withdraw your money – money on the map, requested through PayPal are in status “reserved” for 3 days (ie, they are not visible on the map, but have not passed recipient). You will be able to block the card or turn off PayPal before they write off.