Holidays in Israel – hotels and interesting places in Jerusalem!

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The Holy City of Jerusalem has a rich history and revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims all over the world. It is divided into several parts. In the Old Town tourists can see almost all the local attractions. It also has a Christian, Armenian, Muslim and Jewish quarters. East Jerusalem – the center of Arab culture, and West Jerusalem is one of the most rapidly expanding areas. The city is home to more than half a million people. Holidays in Jerusalem is popular throughout the world. This is a great place for cultural and historical tourism. In addition, the annual pilgrimage here, millions of people. In this city there are many churches, monasteries and ancient buildings, luxury villas, museums and art galleries. Guests can go to the Jerusalem Theater, visit the International Film Festival, which takes place here and do fun shopping.

A variety of jerusalem hotels will please the visitors modern amenities and the price level for every budget. Of course, if you’re not low on money, the problems with the deployment will not occur in any case. In this city, a sufficient number of luxury hotels that capture the imagination of luxury and richness of decoration. But what if such hotels of Jerusalem you can not afford? What is good and the city – you can find a place to stay at an affordable price and enjoy a decent standard of service. Reviews of Jerusalem varied. However, as elsewhere, some people complain about the dirtiness of rooms, unreasonably expensive maintenance, poor cuisine or unprofessional staff. But this is still a rarity. As a rule, even those with incomes below the average can find a decent place to stay and enjoy the magical atmosphere of this ancient city.

So, where to stay and find the lowest prices for quality service? Hotel Alcazar is located not far from Old Town. It has 38 rooms with comfortable furnishings and wonderful views of the holy places. It offers exciting tours to the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Kurman, Jericho, Nazareth and other places of interest.

There are also hotels in Jerusalem, where well stop business people. The hostel Beit Ben Yehuda is a beautiful conference room that is equipped with video projector. You can also enjoy a wonderfully equipped kitchen and a large library. Nearby there is all that is needed tourist: bus stops, shops and restaurants.

Family Hotel Mount of Olive is located near the holy places that are mentioned in the Bible. Guests will be happy and comfortable and clean rooms with private bathroom. There are frequent guests who come as pilgrims.

HaShimi Hotel is located in the heart of Old Town. It is located in an old building which was built about 400 years ago. You will enjoy a contemporary interior of the hotel with beautiful marble staircases, handrails and floors. A beige, white, burgundy and gold colors create an even more enchanting atmosphere. This is almost the perfect place for your vacation.

The hotel offers HaShimi interesting tours to Israel, Egypt and Jordan. In addition, you can choose to leisure and directly in Jerusalem. Not far away is the pedestrian promenade Nahalat Shiva, as well as the local market.

All these hotels offer you the rest of Jerusalem at an affordable price that does not exceed 70 euros per day. They have a two-star category, but it absolutely does not affect the level and quality of service, interior and comfortable rooms.

No need to take the capital of Israel, as a kind of shrine. This is a modern city, filled with the breath of life and people. Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of adventure and magic.