Wedding party and refreshments…

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Party itself may have different formats, depending on how religious couple. In Orthodox communities in both men and women dance separately offer, many people opt for kosher food, but less orthodox can order fish or vegetarian menus on not kosher supplier. From time to time it makes it difficult for individual family members who keep kosher, and they can bring special dishes. However, most couples are inclined to order a completely kosher table to avoid any problems.

The Jews are divided into two main ethnic camps – Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern European origin and Sephardic Jews of Middle Eastern and Spanish or Portuguese origin. Often the style of the wedding table and traditions influence each group. Ashkenazi Jews served as a main dish roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables, and Sephardic Jews have opted for a lamb or minced chicken seasoned and sprinkled with couscous or rice.

Many other aspects of the wedding party like the traditions of other religions – friend, the bride and groom’s father give speeches, often invited to the wedding gifts are distributed, provides musical accompaniment or ensemble, or a DJ, from which, of course, expected elements of Jewish music – traditional songs and dance tunes are an important part of the wedding party. Over listen only Orthodox Jews Jewish music, and less orthodox prefer a mixture of trendy, contemporary and Jewish music, that you can find on “Judaica uk“.

Among religious rituals, parties – the blessing over haloy, which is traditionally done before meals, and the seven blessings of the bride and groom. Often, the right to say these seven blessings given by seven guests wedding. After the wedding, the bride and groom spend their honeymoon together, getting the first chance to be together as husband and wife.