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“We invite you on a tour of Kiev – two hours you’ll see the old Hem, visit Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Monastery, visit the …” – Three voices trying to shout each other at the railway station. You sat in the bus and at a furious pace for a ride on a generous congestion and traffic jams the main streets of the City. Along the way you tell in what year a particular house was built by a genius architect, N **, will be offered in passing out of the window to look at Kontraktova Budinok and ten minutes to release a photo from Prone Prokopovnoy near Church of the Tithes. At the end of the path will tell you that free toilet at the station there is something.

We are not like the tour. But this does not mean that our friends are involved in visiting the spectacular tour of Kiev, followed by our encyclopedic commentary. The last time appeared in Kiev friends, the apotheosis of our shastanya the City was at the king’s sezzhanie place with mountains Schekavitsy in order to chase the tram and night along the parade Troyeshchyna to Darnitsa in search of a decent pub. So let’s just tell you we have all sorts of trivia about Kiev, on what does not pretend. Let there be a manual for beginners in Kiev pictures.

And narekoshi name it …

Previously, in Russia the child was given two names – christening, which nobody else knew, and prime – publicly available. And in modern cities, the official name of the monument or place does not always coincide with his … the correct name. Learn more about Kiev apartments !

Let’s start with the heart of the city – Downtown. Take at least that is the shortest main street of the country in the world. For far too smart to try to argue the Vatican is not the street and area. As you know, three years ago Khreshchatyk reconstructed. You can meditate for a long time about how good or Lenin looked at the Independence Square (Maidan), but that the current main area looks more like a cabinet of curiosities, not even discussed.

Under the Maidan built slightly smaller copy of the underground complex at the Manege in Moscow. Even within the palm of the same set – from the rail. We have it symbolize “the revival of the industrial complex of Ukraine.” What is wrought plant stands in Moscow – a consequence finds.
The rich control the fantasy of a complex called “Globe.” The people immediately called the terrestrial part of this building, “greenhouses”, and the complex often referred to as simply “grebusom” …

Globusnaya subjects and spilled out: where once stood at the zero mile of the Archangel Michael, put the spinning globe. This piece immediately became wildly popular among the regulars yazykatyh Maidan, and now responds to the nickname “lollipop”, “Explorer” and “Grave of Uncle Misha” – because Uncle Misha Archangel somewhere Delhi. Despite all of this is zero kilometer was a favorite meeting place. If you have to agree on a date with someone you do not know (with forumtsem, for example;) is very convenient to call a particular city, which will meet, “I’ll stand on the Dnepropetrovsk” or “Search near Lviv …”

But the title of “Uncle Mike” will not remain vacant. The genius of the chief architect of Kiev Maidan allowed to put on the terrible gate with another Archangel Michael at the top. Old is rumored to have given Donetsk. (Do in Donetsk brought her zero kilometer?) This is the most disgusting purchase of new Maidan. Gates called Lyadsky. Lord philologists in response to the fierce indignation of our so called responsible simply and innocently: “This is a historical tradition …” Themselves think of as the gate is called by the people. Misha is also new, as the old, began to be called “Batman” and for the abundance of gold was given the title “Major”. Nice halo gave rise to call Uncle Misha II “Astronaut.”

Still, no uncles Misham not outdo a new piece of Kiev – Independence stele. It’s such a hefty column with Auntie-knob. Theoretically, we should see in it a girl-Ukrainian woman, proudly looks at the world. In fact, ever since the bookmarks of the monument, he became a “phallic symbol of Ukraine”, “Dream impotent” and more unprintable characters … My aunt in this column also tried to be “Betmenshoy”, but most stuck “Daughter-anarchy” by analogy with “Mother Anarchy”, which below. Very rarely, but still call this a beautiful and “Gorgon,” because the ribbon wreath below it looks like a snake. In general, this “Baba on a stick” most outraged world opinion in our face. Interestingly, the Ukrainian coat of arms at the bottom of the stele is clearly removable – on the screws – for the future, probably …