Facts about small aircraft!

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As is well known aircraft small aircraft are small airliners. According to the latest flights on small passenger aircraft have been banned since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but not looking at it in 2008, this issue has been addressed in more detail by the Government of the Russian Federation. Now the small aircraft has become more accessible, in connection with the resolution of Putin to fly helicopters, even in light of Moscow, which had previously been available only to the government.

Now small aircraft gradually becoming more popular, this has an impact primarily on the price of aircraft small aircraft. The first cost of these aircraft practically does not exceed the cost of expensive foreign cars, and the second small aircraft can be easily stored in the garage and it does not need a hangar. Developments in the field of small aircraft had reached the point that now there are many types of small aircraft, it may be small jets or propeller-driven aircraft such as small, with small aircraft can be bought at any airline that provides lease or at the plant manufacturer. Do you interested in private jet rental?

One of the most popular brands of small aircraft is considered as a manufacturer Cessna. Among the small aircraft demand model Cessna Citation Bravo, Cessna Citation Encore, as well as Cessna CJ1 +, Cessna CJ2 +, Cessna CJ3. Aircraft of the brand distinguished by the presence of powerful jet engines, as well as advanced avionics. In addition, the new models present a more refined and comfortable interior, and this means that a flight on this plane to become a real fairy tale. Also, new models of Cessna small boast a softer chassis ground.

Another representative of small aircraft from another manufacturer is the Hawker 400XP, which is a small twin-engine corporate jet. This airliner was developed as a Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond is a brand new jet, which is a higher class of Mitsubishi MU-2. In addition, Hawker 400XP is the top model of corporate aircraft.

As for the small Learjet 45-45XR, it is an administrative air transport, which are the main qualities of qualities such as speed, technical condition and overall performance. This model came in as a replacement Learjet 31. The main advantage of this aircraft is to use short runways and a rapid climb, as this machine has high aerodynamic performance and is equipped with modern navigation equipment.

Phenom 300 is too light business jet class, made its first flight in 2008. The aircraft is produced in Brazil and is able to move the cabin up to 9 passengers at a distance of 1800 nautical miles. All light aircraft began mainly produced in the late 90s, this was due to the fact that, according to analysts, demand for business aircraft will increase significantly and this is true, because at the moment corporate jets are increasingly used in business. Therefore, another representative of this class is the Premier 1A, which is a light jet business aircraft fuselage structure which is made of high strength composite material. The aircraft is designed for single-pilot, and the engines feature low fuel consumption and high performance.