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Leprosy is a chronic bacterial disease that disfigures the body and damages the nerves. Believed by many to be permanent and highly contagious, it is in fact neither.

According to the World Health Organization, leprosy can be fully cured with multidrug therapy (MDT). Although there is a simple cure, the disease remains highly endemic in India and other countries.

If not treated early enough leprosy can cause considerable damage to the body.

Muscle weakness, skin lesions, and numbness in the limbs and eyes are permanent effects. Learn more about wedding sets!

These symptoms lead to disabilities that cause people to lose jobs, families and their sense of self-worth. Discrimination surrounding the disease gives the leprosy affected no choice but to beg on the street.

Two people who aid India’s leprosy affected are Dr. Chellapilla Tulsi Das of the DEVA International Society for Child Care (DISCC) and Becky Douglas of Rising Star Outreach. Through their work, Tulsi and Douglas restore the dignity that people have lost to leprosy.