What is a “bulletin board”, and what they are …

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Before the announcement of the purchase or sale, as well as rental property, placed in newspapers. The whole procedure takes a long time about a week. Required to fill out a ticket, send it and wait for the publication of the advertisement.

Now everything is much easier and faster. As the popularization of the Internet, there were sites that work similar to the advertising newspapers or ordinary household bulletin boards. They contain a variety of ads, as a commercial nature – that is, paid and non-commercial nature – that is free of charge.

Most of the existing Internet message boards – free ads. To place your ad, the user enough to fill the following information: name, or alias, e-mail address, phone number, URL of your website or personal page, and text ads. Displayed on the board will only issue ads, text and author’s name. To view all the text ads the visitor will be enough to click on a link leading to it.

Already quite a lot of companies that have the paper editions, create bulletin boards in parallel.

The purpose of these ads on the boards, is the conclusion of any real estate transactions with the client personally, that is, without intermediaries. This is a real opportunity to find a buyer, or the interested object, with no additional financial cost.

At such sites, boards come ordinary people, who themselves can place their ads, and even photographs of the object. And anyone who visits the site can see the proposal.

Message Boards are of two types: moderated and unmoderated. In the first case, the work is carried out automatically, while the second – the work site monitors a specific person – the moderator.

The same board are city – intended for residents of a particular city or, for example, nation-wide or for CIS countries.

More boards can be themed – ads are placed only on a specific topic. And can take to publish ads on various topics. In this case, on the home page goes to the unit theme. Most often, the menu is made in alphabetical order.

Too many bulletin boards, to view the ads require user registration on the site. This is the usual procedure takes a few minutes of your time, increase security.

Ads on the boards of real estate is divided into types: for sale, selling, rent, rent. Just specify the nature of real estate: residential, commercial, land, ready-made business. List the presence of furniture, equipment, apparatus, and point size of the premises. The important thing is the proximity of the object to different infrastructures.

In order for an ad to be most effective, we must describe as accurately as possible the object, the exact cost, location, be sure to place a photo. Not unimportant indication contacts: icq, phone, e-mail.

No new ads using keywords, it is precisely because of them, your ad will be found through search engines. This will provide an additional stream of visitors to the page where your ad is located.

The best option – placing ads on multiple boards, as, having it only on one resource, you can not achieve the desired result. Therefore it is necessary to reach the greatest audience of potential customers. For this purpose, special programs for performing automatic delivery of ads simultaneously on hundreds of boards.

Naturally, the first page of any site is busiest. Therefore, the ad, located on it is more likely to find a client. To achieve this, you need to constantly update the ad, as is sorting by date of receipt, and all have posted messages, smoothly shifted to the second or third page, and lower and lower.

Still there is a caveat. Place ads are selected and standard. We selected ad headline immediately attracts attention because it is graphic design. And that, in practice, means a lot. After first glance a person stops exactly on the title or on a dedicated ad.

In addition, some boards (sites) you can leave the application. If you do not want to mystify the real estate search, it is more convenient to simply leave the application, listing all the options you want object of interest. Based on these criteria, you will not lose your valuable time looking at the extra ads. Your attention will be given only ads meet the specified parameters.

At the moment, electronic bulletin boards have become much more popular than their newspaper counterparts. They are much easier execution of the task. Just a few minutes and your ad is already available to thousands or even millions of people.