Monitoring networks

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Maintenance of local area network – a complex and expensive task. It requires a large staff of qualified professionals who are responsible for maintaining the availability of network services, network optimization, tuning and upgrade network hardware and software detection and removal of emerging incidents and other functions.

But instead of the contents of a large staff of IT personnel can use specialized software – System monitoring and network management. Alchemy Eye – one of the software packages that provides monitoring and management of local area network. A complex by Alchemy Lab, a developer of management of local networks. The main function of the program is monitoring network that is constantly monitors a computer network in search of a slow or faulty systems and alert the network administrator in case of failures.

To map the network Alchemy Eye will scan the network for the specified parameters. The process of mapping can be quite long, if the network is large. To work on scanning was performed efficiently, you need to properly limit the range of IP-addresses (better to perform multiple searches, you asked the vast, comprehensive range), in some cases it makes sense to limit the wait time hail, uncheck the boxes to the types of servers, which you obviously do not .

The list of servers you can make yourself in format CSV, which can be prepared or edited in a text editor in a special format. The device list can be saved not only in the file, but also in the database – in large networks such method is preferable. Moreover, it makes sense for a large number of servers to create a hierarchical folder structure, making it easier to navigate the list of servers by uptime monitor.

Writing Rules for testing servers via the call of the properties dialog of a specific server, it is possible to establish for each of the servers own scan settings, depending on the importance of the specific server and network settings. For example, if the server is controlled via a router, then there is a need to increase the interval and scan duration. Or when checking the server through the intermediate preferably set off check at the refusal of the intermediate server. Or if necessary, withdrawal of the server for routine prophylaxis in the settings for verification, you must specify the time of the stop, one-time or intermittent.