Orphans in a dump site

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I was in Cambodia on assignment when i came across the Steung Meanchey dump site in Phnom Penh. To say it took me back a bit would be an understatement.

Everyone knows people in developing nations scavenge for recyclable materials at garbage dumps, but to see children working there, barefoot among discarded hypodermic needles, was an eye opener. It is their means of survival.

While photographing the site, I met an orphan named Sok Phearin. After his parents died in 2000 and 2001, he became a street child. He told me he was rescued from the dump by a local orphanage, Center for Children’s Happiness, around December 2003. Learn more about internet marketing company.

I watched an outdoor play put on at the dump for the children working there. Sponsored by the orphanage that rescued Sok Phearin, it was an educational event that warned the people of the dump about the dangers of AIDS and other related illnesses, and the importance of wearing proper protection while working.