Sustainable and Appropriate Technologies

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According to studies by the UN, an estimated 40% of food produced worldwide is wasted by spoilage or other causes. We at Compatible Technology International don’t accept this situation.

Our goal is to create appropriate food-processing technologies that are safe, affordable, respect the environment, require little or no fuel and electricity, and are compatible with the culture of the users.

How do we help alleviate hunger and sustain human life? By helping a woman in Uganda who spends hours grinding flour from sorghum using two rocks. She can reduce this task to minutes by using our in-country manufactured grinder.

Or by providing the same grinder to a woman in Mali who currently spends laborious hours grinding peanuts into paste with a wooden mortar and pestle. Our other technologies include slicers, shredders, and rustic storage sheds which are used to help families around the world produce the adequate, nutritious food their families need.