Hope by Design

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Upon seizing power in 1996, the Taliban instituted a system of gender discrimination that effectively placed Afghan women under house arrest.

Women lost their rights, visibility, voice and mobility. Now, after the defeat of the Taliban, Afghan women finally have the opportunity to regain all that they have lost, yet years of war and destruction make a brighter future seem impossible.

Arzu, Inc. is an organization that is making progress a reality. Arzu is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) that helps women in Afghanistan develop a sustainable income through the sourcing and selling of the beautiful, handmade rugs that the women weave. In addition, Arzu invests in the future of Afghan women and their communities by providing literacy and education classes as well as essential healthcare.

Through a culturally sensitive, economically empowering and socially conscious market endeavor, Arzu has managed to help instill hope and effective change in the lives of Afghan women and their families.