Harvard Black Men Empower 2,000 in Ghana

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The Harvard Black Men’s Forum (BMF) has recently launched an initiative to establish a sustainable clean water source to a rural village in Ghana: Project Access to Clean Water for Agyemanti (ACWA).

The BMF saw a need to increase the involvement of students in the global community in order to bring much needed attention to those lacking life’s most basic necessities.

Members see their project as different because they are employing their version of “creative capitalism,”� a term Bill Gates used to describe sustainable ways to fight poverty. Having acquired funding support from Harvard’s W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research and Department of African and African American Studies, Project ACWA is in search of more funds.

Members plan on traveling to Ghana in August and September of this year to work with local engineers to install a secure water pump to be tapped into a safe underground spring. It already has collaborations with WaterAID Ghana, The Ghanaian Ministry of Water Resources, and the endorsement of the chief of the region where Agyemanti lies.

The BMF estimate some 2,000 people will directly benefit from the new water pump and household latrines which they plan to install as well. To ensure its sustainability, Project ACWA will incorporate health education and equipment maintenance seminars so people understand why and how it should be sustained.