DOMINI jewelry to vanquish poverty

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Since the tender age of seven, I embarked on a successful campaign of using my creativity to empower others. For years I gave benefit concerts to raise money for famine relief in Africa and around the world, using my gift for classical piano; receiving many awards and letters of acknowledgement.

Years later, as a multi-faceted artist, the drive to create and uplift others to have the means to do the same, has never left and in fact became a vocation.

There are many ways that I would ultimately like to answer this call. Right now, one of the ways I do so is through my company DOMINI. DOMINI is a philanthropic collection of fine fashion jewelry, by hand. 15% of all retail sales go to vanquish poverty, in all of its forms. We do this by partnering with organizations that are not only giving food and clothing, but these organizations are empowering lives with education and training.

At the 2007 Academy Awards the DOMINI collection made its official debut, in the “Green Suites” promoting products that were eco friendly. Since then, DOMINI can be found on Hollywood beauties like, Minnie Driver, Grey’s Anatomy’s Loretta Devine, Extra Host Dayna Devon and Vanessa Williams, to name a few.