The Power of FIve

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While honeymooning in Bali, the founders of Five Accessories met a Balinese man who told them how, many years ago, a gift of $5 a month from an American couple who visited Bali greatly impacted his life.

This act of good karma helped him stay in school, improve his English and even send his kids to college. The couple was so inspired by his story they founded Five Accessories.

Five Accessories, believing in the power of generosity, donates $5 from every handbag sale and 15% of all other sales to the villages where these beautiful goods are made.

In Honduras, for example, Eco-Friendly Bags are made by recycling potato chip bags that litter the communities of Honduras. The sale of these bags provides needed income to these women and gives families an alternative to the standard practice of burning trash.

From each Guatemalan handbag sold, $5 goes to support children living in squalor near Guatemala City, with the help of Safe Passage. The company also donates five dollars from each Cambodian messenger bag or wallet sold to benefit local charities in Cambodia.