A Friend

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It deeply touches my heart when I see others helping others. In this world we live in there is abundance of provisions (water, food, clothing, shelter, health care, luxuries, etc…).

It feels good when one is comfortable in a sense that there is enough provisions for survival and some individuals have more than enough for not only survival but luxuries that many dream of. But whatever we do have, it is good to help others.

We must think further then globally, but in our own community as well. Learn more information about how to Health! The reason I state that is because sometimes we see others needs outside of where we live but there are individuals that you pass by on the streets that need a helping hand as well. Hopefully we will see the whole picture of helping others, wherever there is a need. And whomever you help, if it is just one individual, that is a greater gift than to have not helped someone at all.