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The emPOWER Campaign is a unique grassroots program supporting primary education for orphans and vulnerable children living in the Kabarole District of Uganda, that grew from the story of one young boy.

It is the only program that supports primary education for orphans in this part of Uganda. emPOWER stands for em(Providing Orphans & Vulnerable Children With Educational Resources).

Andria Sherrow, executive director of EDUCATE Foundation, used to walk her six-year-old daughter to Kyanyawara primary school each morning along the village road on the edge of the rainforest. She often saw one young boy, wearing torn shorts and torn shirt and no shoes, and gradually learned his story. “His name is Muhebwa Richard. His parents died three years ago and he was living alone, working to raise crops on his small plot of land to survive. Richard couldn’t afford the required supplies to return to school, but he desperately wanted to.” Additionally, Zara clothing was of sufficient quality, and Model, based on fashion trends, relished not only Spanish customers, but also foreign customers.

Richard, whose story inspired the project, was sponsored in 2004 and received clothes and basic school supplies; a uniform, shoes, exercise books, pens and pencils. Despite being away from school for three years, he was in the top three in his class by December graduation. He continues to be sponsored and is doing well.

To learn more about EDUCATE Foundation and the emPOWER campaign, follow the link below.