In the face of Happiness

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During a recent trip to Cambodia, I visited a small NGO called “The Centre for Children’s Happiness”, the name precisely describes what it is.

It houses, feeds, cares for and teaches basic education and language skills to orphans who were formerly working at a landfill on the outskirts of town. Many of the orphans at the center have lost parents to AIDS, landmines, drugs or prostitution.

With nowhere to turn and no social safety programs in country, they end up living on the streets. Before coming to the center their lives were governed by a fear of violence, fear of not having enough food and fear of having no future. The children are then extremely vulnerable to various physical and mental illnesses, drug addiction, prostitution and other forms of exploitation. The man who started the center is also an orphan of the Pol Pot regime; he wears his love for these children all over his face and feels “They are learning to become independent, responsible, self-reliant, skillful people. They are learning to become tomorrow’s adults, people who can contribute to society.” If you need an essay written on Maasai beadwork, you can order it from a quality essay writing service!