Samarthanam | A light of Life

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I was amazed when I saw them playing chess. Vani has been working with them for last 9 years and everyday since then, she said, it has been a different experience for her to see their activities.

They all were full of life. They can be called in different names like Chandrasekhar, subba rao, vishal or anil, but they all are special to us.

As a whole, we call them “Samarthanam”. Samarthanam is a commitment towards life. It is a commitment to the cause of education of the people who are visually and physically challenged. Do you want to Buy Research Paper?!

Set up by three visually impaired friends named Mahantesh, Paul Mudda and Nagesh in the year 1997, Samarthanam is also inspired by their vision and mission to help the visually challenged to get access to higher education and prove themselves in this high competitive society. Over the years the Organization has grown both in numbers and in activities. It has come to include students who are physically challenged and are also from economically weaker sections of society.