More or less?

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The first thing to do advocates of freedom of movement – to decide where to rent a car.

Prices for “giant rolled” by 40-50% compared with a few rolling offices. But it is worth remembering important rule: the less you pay for the rental car, the higher the chance to spoil your holiday.

In the car rental company, such as “The Panagiotis” or “Mahmoud and Sons”, you can easily stick a car with a hidden defect: not the worst of them – the unstable operation of the power system and, consequently, excessive fuel consumption. In the Internet are “firmochki” visible to the naked eye does not (and the number of cars – not an indicator, because most of them may not exist at all!). Learn more about car rental switzerland !

If the faulty vehicle is hopelessly stall somewhere on a country road, the client is a reputable company will only have to call in his rolling office. Client “private shop” to find a way in most cases will have to yourself. Thus the illusory benefits of low prices may turn into a real big waste.

If you do decide on your own risk to use the services of a small distributors, it is worth remembering a few rules. As experts advised the Russian Association of car rental companies, it is important to pay attention not only on the trappings of the company – its representatives and the fleet, but also probe the mode of dispatch service, the ability to file a car late at night or early morning. If the service is not around the clock, the company can not guarantee timely response to emerging customer problems. Also check the additional services the company credibility in the Internet site and literacy, feedback systems, customer reviews, and other indicators of the company as a whole.

Tenant should clarify exactly what he should do in case of breakage, accidents and other troubles on the road. If a company hides the terms of the contract (it is printed in the local language and has too many footnotes in small print) or the manager gets off with platitudes, talking about your responsibility, does not specify the procedure for reimbursement – it is better not to risk it and go to another company.

Free book a car in all big companies can be by telephone or via the Internet. A special order form, you specify all the details: date, time, place and term of the lease (or passport data or credit card number to enter when booking not necessary). In confirmation, you will usually send a letter by fax or e-mail, in some cases, you call back. In this case the company does not take even the minimum payment, and for the fact of paying an additional booking is not necessary. Customer trust in the word, and even if he does not use armor, with a penalty he did not take. To reserve a car, do not necessarily know the English language: sites of international operators are ready to communicate on your own, in Russian.