Production of titanium

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Evek Company is the exclusive representative of “Zubtsov Engineering Works”, which produces titanium bars, sheets, tubes, plates, etc. The partnership with the manufacturer allows our customers to purchase titanium at competitive prices.

All Products – Titanium rolling brand of BT-10, sheet, pipe, etc. in compliance with GOST. In addition, we propose to purchase the following products (titanium)

square, hexagonal;
titanium rods, welding wire;
titanium pipe
Casting TL3, TL5, VT3L according to customers’ specifications.

The site contains the rental price for titanium, the dates of the order, the products (tube, sheet). Here, in “Titan” price listed on the product.

If titanium rental is not in stock, we offer a prompt execution of order (3.5-4 months). Titanium (tube, sheet products, etc.) can be produced under the control of “Aviatehpriemka” and CRISM “Prometheus” with a note on the certificate of quality.